Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics division

World leader in aspirin, ketamine, salicylic acid and its derivatives or methimazole. Number two worldwide in para-aminophenol and number three in paracetamol in Europe. Novacap is also a recognized leader for its custom synthesis.

The Pharmaceutical & cosmetics division manufactures and distributes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well specialty chemicals mainly used as intermediates in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. The division operates on a global scale of key end-markets such as pharmaceutical, health, cosmetics, and fragrances.




The division includes 4 business units: Novacyl, Uetikon, Puyuan, and Yangzi. With 7 production sites (5 cGMP production sites), the division employs 1100 people worldwide.

Novacyl is the number one in salicylic acid and aspirin in the world.

Novacyl is a unique integrated player with a strong industrial footprint in France and China, Novacyl is the world leader in salicylic acid and acetylsalicylic acid. Novacyl is number two in paracetamol in Europe. Read more about Novacyl




CU Chemie Uetikon, a highly differentiated actor in CMO, complex small-molecules API and registered intermediates is part of Novacap’s Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics division.

Founded in 1991, Uetikon is a medium-sized company with a best-inclass multi-purpose production facility. This cGMP production facility, which was built to a high standard, is located in Lahr, Germany. Since 2015 CU Chemie Uetikon is part of Novacap Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics division. Read more about Uetikon



Taixing Yangzi Pharm chemical Co, Ltd, a joint-venture between the Novacap group and its managers is the number two worldwide in para-aminophenol (PAP), a key ingredient for the production os paracetamol.

In 2017, Novacap increased its majority shareholding in Yangzi, located in the Taixing Economic Development Zone, in Shanghai. Taixing is one of the leading Chinese producers of para-aminophenol (“PAP”), a chemical intermediate mainly used for the production of paracetamol. Yangzi’s technology and its products are widely recognized in the pharmaceuticals industry as the benchmark in terms of quality and purity. The production site employs more than 380 people, mainly engineers and technicians.

Jiangsu Puyuan Chemical Co is specialized in salicylic acid  and methyl salicylate production

Since 2014, the company is majority owned by Novacap and is part of the Group’s Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics division. Located in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, in Zhenjiang, Puyuan is a major player in the production of salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, key intermediates in cosmetic applications, fragrances, epoxy resins and other industrial applications. The company employs approximately 150 people.




Key figures :


1 100 people


7 production sites (5 cGMP production sites)


N°1 worldwide in Aspirin, Ketamine and Salicylic acid

N°2 worldwide in para-aminophenol

N°3 european in paracetamol